BecAUSe We Care: Huskies quarterbacks pay visit to IWK’s Teen Lounge

BecAUSe We Care: Huskies quarterbacks pay visit to IWK’s Teen Lounge

(HALIFAX, N.S) - The Saint Mary’s Huskies’ quarterbacks showed up at football practice yesterday proudly sporting freshly painted rainbow manicures.  

The four team quarterbacks, Scott Borden, Drew Jacobson, Jack Creighton and Ben Rossong, accompanied by head coach Perry Marchese, spent their day at the IWK’s Teen Lounge visiting with youth and handing out Huskies swag.

“We brought the kids some SMU football shirts and just hung out for a few hours,” said Rossong who is playing his first year with Huskies football team this year. “So many different kids were coming in and out during the time we were there and it was great to see the smiles on their faces.”

Rookie quarterback Borden and coach Marchese organized the visit that had the four quarterbacks joining in games of pool, video game Rock Band, air hockey and dabbling in a few art projects.

During the visit, coach Marchese decided to add his own touch. “Perry thought he'd be funny and tell them we wanted our nails painted,” said fifth-year quarterback Creighton. “Their eyes lit up and before we could say no they had the nail polish out.”

The four opted to sport their new manicures to practice.

“It was great to hang out with the amazing people at the IWK and see that we can really make a difference in people’s lives while they do the same in ours,” said Rossong, adding that the Huskies hope to be able to continue these types of visits.

“It was a rewarding experience being accepted by kids who have more toughness than any football player I know,” added Creighton.

“They are also very talented manicurists.”