AUS Men's Basketball Major Awards

Most Valuable Player - Rookie of the Year - Coach of the Year - Defensive Player of the Year - Student-Athlete Community Service Award

Most Valuable Player

Year Player Year Player Year Player
1978-79 Kevin Wood, Saint Mary's 1994-95 Curtis Robinson, UPEI 2011-12 Jimmy Dorsey, Cape Breton
1979-80 Mike Hazard, Acadia 1995-96 Curtis Robinson, UPEI 2012-13 Jimmy Dorsey, Cape Breton
1980-81 Ted Upshaw, Acadia 1996-97 Peter Benoite, Memorial 2013-14 Owen Klassen, Acadia
1981-82 John Hatch, StFX 1997-98 Jan Trojanowski, Acadia 2014-15 Javon Masters, UNB
1982-83 John Hatch, StFX 1998-99 Jan Trojanowski, Acadia 2015-16 Javon Masters, UNB
1983-84 N/A 1999-00 Fred Perry, StFX 2016-17 Kevin Bercy, StFX 
1984-85 Chris Sumner, Acadia 2000-01 Fred Perry, StFX 2017-18 Javon Masters, UNB 
1985-86 Kyle Gayle, StFX 2001-02 Mike Kierstead, UNB    
1986-87 Peter Morris, Acadia 2002-03 Gabe Goree, Saint Mary's    
1987-88 Peter Morris, Acadia 2003-04 Gabe Goree, Saint Mary's    
1988-89 Peter Gordon, UPEI 2004-05 Sherone Edwards, UPEI    
1989-90 Peter Gordon, UPEI 2006-07 Paulo Santana, Acadia    
1990-91 Peter Gordon, UPEI 2007-08 Leonel Saintil, Acadia    
1991-92 Brian Thompson, Saint Mary's 2008-09 Christian Upshaw, StFX    
1992-93 William Njoku, Saint Mary's 2009-10 Christian Upshaw, StFX    
1993-94 William Njoku, Saint Mary's 2010-11 Joey Haywood, Saint Mary's    



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